The Purpose Of This Site

templateThis site is designed to act as a template for a WordPress hosted site, which may be identified by the in the web address.

One of the benefits of a site is that you can use any appropriate address and do not need to have in it. Unlike a site, which must have in the web address. is free to download from but has to be installed on a separate web server before use, unlike a .com blog/website, which sits within your web browser. To have a site installed requires the purchasing of a web hosting package from a provider, usually at a cost of around £5-£10 per month. You can install this yourself although many providers offer this facility.

This is a Post and to make it stay at the top of this page it has been edited in the Quick Edit section by clicking the “sticky” box. you can have more than one sticky item.

So far the site has had a couple of pages added that appear as items on the menu.

The side bar widget area has been amended to have “search” the first item with the register/login section next.

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Post Number Two

post-itAnother Post another day…

This Post will move down the page as more and more posts are added. Unfortunately it’s impossible (as far as I know) to place posts on other pages without creating menus and even then it isn’t that straightforward.

The image was copied from Google images, pasted into an image editing tool (Photoshop or similar), saved as a 200px by 150px image and then uploaded to the Post.

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